Summer Hours

Summer Worship Hours started Sunday June 11. During the Summer, we will hold worship at 9 AM. Holy Communion is celebrated the first and third Sunday of every month and on Holy Holidays. All are welcome to participate.

VBS postponed to August

MEGA Sport Camp VBS at Zion Lehigh will be held August 14 to 17, from 5:45 to 8:00 pm. Please note the new dates! To Register, please complete this form.

Prayers and Squares Chapter 1215

Zion Lehigh has started a Prayers and Squares chapter. If you are interested in participating in this giving activity, please speak to an Outreach Committee member or email


The Zion Lehigh Cookbooks are here and are available for purchase. The cost is $10.00. If you’d like to purchase any, please see an Outreach Committee member.

Comfirmation Class

Our goal is always to provide a significant base for a growing faith. The purpose is to organize all that the student has learned in Sunday School and answer any questions they may still have about what they have learned.

Our confirmation instruction is based on Luther’s Small Catechism which teaches six essential areas of faith.
  1. How Christians Live? (The Ten Commandments)
  2. Who God Is? (The Apostles’ Creed)
  3. How to Pray? (The Lord’s Prayer)
  4. How to Forgive and Be Forgiven? (The Office of the Keys and Confession)
  5. What Baptism Is? (Holy Baptism)
  6. What the Lord’s Supper Is and Does? (The Lord’s Supper)
Confirmation Class prepares them to be Confirmed member of the church, experiencing the joy of serving the Lord’s Church, and sharing in the responsibilities of making the church do what God would have it do.